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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Enjoy every moment

In every single day, we can find many good reasons to experience and see how rich life can be. A simply talking with friends, husband or love ones can be turned into a memorable moment. Even our child’s group study or playing with them could turn into a lively “getting to know moment'. You will be surprised to find many moments like these as we go through each day.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Stopping Age Spot...........

While it may be enjoyable to bask in the sun, always bear in mind that most of the sun damage to our skin occurs before we reach our 20’s. It’s therefore important that kids start taking care their skin and starts living in a healthy way. Though doctors agree that it is safe to use sunblock even on babies it is still safe to use the natural way especially to our kids.

Age spots or liver spots are flat, light or reddish-brown areas of skin that appear most often on the face and throat, the backs of hands and wrists, or other areas that are often exposed to sunlight. They developed more often on light skinned people all over the age of about more than 50, but begin to be noticeable in some people around the age of 30. They can be small as a freckle while others spread to several centimeters in diameter.

Age spots result from over exposure to the sun, the ultraviolet light over stimulates the pigment cells in the skin, which clump together to produce irregular blotches of dark color.

To prevent all these age spots starts live healthy like:

  1. do exercise
  2. drink plenty of water
  3. sleep atleast 8 hours
  4. eat lots of fruits and vegetables

With these simple tips you can slow or lessen the age spot it’s not just good for your skin it is also good for your health. Always remember that we only live once take care of our health and enjoy the moment of being young.