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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Ways to Encourage and Inspire your Child

Going to school is an exciting time…. but also an overwhelming one. They’re making new friends, experiencing new things, and adjusting to new routines. It’s important to give extra support and encouragement, but how do we do this despite tight schedules made even tighter because of school bus scrambles and homework struggles?

Praise your child’s effort. Gush over her improved spelling and point out the progress that may not be reflected in the grade.

Ask what she learned in school today. Make it a family ritual that every dinner time she has to share something she picked up form the classroom. This encourages curiosity and love for learning.

Make time for homework. Setting aside a specific time and place for homework creates a comforting sense of stability and builds good studying habits. You can also use this time to “study” next to her, reading a book or going through papers. That way she knows that even adults have homework – and she’ll like feeling like an adult.

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diTesco said...

I agree with you. I have two kids and it is important to make time, during this phase of their lives. Fortunately i am able to manage that and will continue to do so. Nice post. Keep it up...